The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) is an industry-academic collaborative research effort hosted by the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments. We are working together to link the rigor of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based Carbon Accounting to industry best practices in order to enable quantifiable reduction to the environmental impact of the built environment. 

Our research is focused on developing the data, analysis and standards needed to accurately predict, report and reduce the carbon impact of building materials and products.  The purpose of the organization is to enable industry members to work closely with academia to advance the creation of standard Product Category Rules (PCRs) to enable supply chain specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Architecture 2030 would like to thank Kate Simonen and the Carbon Leadership Forum for their availability and expertise during the development of the 2030 Challenge for Products

                                                                            Ed Mazeria, Founder Architecture 2030

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