Carbon Leadership Forum

The Embodied Carbon Network comprises several discussion groups centered around specific topics relating to embodied carbon. Network members can also initiate new focus groups at any time, through working with the co-chairs. Current open focus groups are listed here.

Embodied Carbon Network (ECN) Local Chapters are now (as of mid-March 2020) in Austin, Atlanta, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, Rocky Mountain (Denver/Boulder), Seattle, Toronto, London, Vancouver, and Yellowstone. We’re working hard to get a new system in place to qualify and support all these new chapters. Stand by for more news soon about how you can join or start a chapter!

Our membership is growing so rapidly that we will shortly move to a new discussion platform that can support a much larger community. If you join today, you should very soon expect an email invitation for you and to join the new platform. We will send you an invitation the minute it is ready!

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