Mission Statement

The outreach taskforce will serve as an embodied carbon learning environment, and will communicate the Network’s research, projects and initiatives to broad audiences in order to drive widespread understanding and support for carbon reduction activities.


  • Identify and recruit students, early-career professionals, and others interested in learning more about embodied carbon, and seeking to apply their skills and career interests to support carbon reduction
  • Identify and communicate relevant professional development and knowledge sharing opportunities and resources to the task force and broader Embodied Carbon Network (e.g. conferences, webinars, workshops, publications)
  • Translate and communicate embodied carbon research, projects and initiatives to broad audiences (e.g. private and public organizations outside of the building industry, students, general public)
  • Promote the Embodied Carbon Network through marketing and highlight work produced by task forces and network members

Taskforce Chair: Tina DileggeIntegrated Design Lab
Contact: info@embodiedcarbonnetwork.org

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