Carbon Leadership Forum

Director & Board

Kate Simonen, Director

Christie Gamble, CarbonCure

Amy Hattan, Thornton Tomassetti

Victor Olgyay, Rocky Mountain Institute

Stacy H. Smedley, Skanska

Wolfgang Werner, Urban Fabrick

Frances Yang, Arup

Eden Brukman, SF Dept. of the Environment

William Paddock, WAP Sustainability

Steph Carlisle, Kieren Timberlake


Past board members

  • Erin McDade
  • Larry Strain
  • Christopher Drew
  • Don Davies
  • Catherine DeWolf

Staff, students, and volunteers

Andrew Himes, program specialist

Moazamah Rubab, undergraduate research assistant

Monica Huang, research engineer

Vicki Rybl, graduate research assistant

Anne Banta, communications strategy

Julie Kriegh, research scientist

  • Aiwen Xie, visiting graduate exchange student, research assistant


  • Scott Henson, director of strategic communications for EC3
  • Wil Srubar, ECN co-chair
  • Erin McDade, ECN co-chair
  • Victoria Herrero-Garcia, ECN webinar coordinator
  • Allyn Vodika, education/outreach specialist

Past staff and students

  • Barbara X. Rodriguez, graduate research assistant
  • Tina Dilegge, program manager
  • Jim Ditto, graduate research intern
  • Alex Ianchenko, undergraduate research assistant
  • Dalton Owens, undergraduate research assistant
  • Jorge Gomez, undergraduate research assistant
  • Lindsay Todaro, graduate graphics assistant
  • Thipok (Poom) Cholsaipant, undergraduate graphics assistant
  • Stephanie Barrera, graduate research assistant
  • Kristen Strobel, graduate research assistant
  • Mariam Hovhannisyan, graduate research assistant
  • Weston Norwood, graduate research assistant
  • Ezekiel Jones, undergraduate research assistant
  • Danele Alampay, undergraduate research assistant
  • Corey S. Ayers, undergraduate research assistant
  • Claire Cyra, undergraduate research assistant
  • Mazohra Thami, graduate research and graphics assistant
  • Yasaman Esmaili, graduate research assistant
  • David Fish, graduate research assistant
  • Josslyn Shapiro, graduate research assistant
  • Monica Huang, graduate research assistant