Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)


Product Category Rules (PCRs)



The CLF EPD Program is focused on developing PCRs to support ISO type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDS) for building materials, products and systems. 

The CLF EPD Program is focused on performing the following activities:

1.Developing and Registering PCRs for building materials, products and systems.

2.Developing LCAs of building materials, products and systems.

3.Analyzing developed PCRs and EPDs to advance industry use and practice.

4.Collaborating with national and international EPD Program Operators to advance harmonization and facilitate the use of CLF PCRs in producing EPDs

5.Disseminating the CLF research and results

Note:  The CLF EPD program is not currently structured to register EPDs.  To receive a copy of our program operator rules please send an email to ksimonen@uw.edu.


The CLF Concrete PCR was finalized on November 30, 2012.

Download Concrete PCR Version 1.0

Download CLF carbon footprint defaults

The CLF PCR was verified by ISO review and the World Resources Institute for conformance with their GHG Protocol Product Standard.

Download ISO verification letter

Download ISO 2nd review/response

Download ISO 1st review/response here

Download PCR WRI review.pdf

The PCR was open for stakeholder comment twice in 2012.  The comments recorded and the committee responses are included here.

Download the 2nd comment/response

Download the 1st comment/response

If you would like to be informed of the progress of our efforts or have any specific questions or concerns, please email your name, affiliation and contact information to pcrconc@uw.edu

PCR Under Revisions:  See July 18 News